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[Lake Pend Oreille]

Sandpoint, located in NORTH IDAHO is a small city located on the shore of great mother lake called Lake Pend Oreille where is my best memorial place in 1977 summer, when I had been staying and enjoying here for a month. More than a quarter century later, I got the chance to visit Seattle for a business trip and soon I made a decision to take a private vacation to visit here again when I looked at the schedule and map, because Seattle is not so far from Spokane and Sandpoint. After I finished my business, I took a domestic flight from Seattle to Spokane and I drove my automobile from Spokane, finally I reached to the "Long Bridge" which is one of the "icon" of Sandpoint, across the Lake Pend Oreille and then I arrived at the small, less than 10,000 populated but wonderful city, Sandpoint. When I parked my car at the City Beach, I felt exactly same great feeling as I had felt in 25 years ago. I soon, could not keep my eagerness to share this with more people. The site has been created for introducing this beautiful place to everyone and also for sharing the information with all Sandpoint lovers.

Each contents willl show you wonderful places with some photos and texts, maps and other informations and I should apologize in advance with my poor English that makes it difficult to tell you a real meaning. Anyway, I would like to continue updating the site and if you offer any information about Sandpoint, it would be great help for me ! If you have any comment, message, link request or question, please feel free to click my name on the bottom (copyright description) and send me an e-mail. I will be happy if you could enjoy my site and could tell you the wonderful view of Pend Oreille and Sandpoint !
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Sandpoint Idaho The information and gallery of scenic Sandpoint, Idaho.
   Sandpoint Gallery 

Photo Galleries, Information and Maps of Sandpoint

   Sandpoint City Beach 

Photo Gallery of the Sandpoint City Beach

   Sandpoint City Map 

City Map of Sandpoint, Idaho

   Sandpoint City Data 

City Data of Sandpoint, Idaho

   Visitor's Info (Attractions) 

Visitors' Info of Sandpoint Attractions

   Visitor's Info (Art & Culture) 

Visitor's Info of Sandpoint Art and Culture, events

   Old Sandpoint Brochure 

Sandpoint Sightseeing brochure issued in 70's.

   Old Gallery of Sandpoint 

Old photographs around Lake Pend Oreille & Sandpoint

   Sandpoint Railroad 

Railroad Gallery around Sandpoint and Pend Oreille

   Caribou Creek Guest Ranch 

David Oliver's fine and beautiful Guest Ranch in Sandpoint

Lake Pend Oreille Gallery and information of beautiful Lake Pend Oreille.
   The Lake Pend Oreille 

Maps and information of Lake Pend Oreille

   Sunnyside Gallery 

Photo Gallery of this scnenic place at Lake Pend Oreille

   Pack River Gallery 

Photographs around the mouth of Pack River

   Pend Oreille River Gallery 

Photographs along Pend Oreille River

   The Summer Gallery 

Summer photos of Sandpoint, contributed by Karen

   Schweitzer Mountain Resort 

Schweitzer Resort Photo Gallery contributed by Karen

   North Idaho Water Paradise 

Beautiful Water Scenery in North Idaho Region

   Map of Lake Pend Oreille 

Map of and around Lake Pend Oreille

   Lake Pend Oreille Cruise 

Photo Gallery of the afternoon cruise on the lake

   Priest Lake Gallery 

Photo Gallery of beautiful Priest Lake, Idaho

   Sandpoint Marina Gallery 

Photo Gallery of Sandpoint Marina

   Albeni Falls Dam Gallery 

Photo Gallery of Albeni Falls Dam, on Pend Oreille River

Surrounding Cities Gallery & Information of Pend Oreille Surrounding Cities
   Spokane, Washington 

Introduction of the city of Spokane, Washington.

   Coeur d' Alene, Idaho 

The city of lake town, Coeur d' Alene.

   Clark Fork, Idaho 

Introduction of Clark Fork city.

   Hope, Idaho 

Introduction of Hope and East Hope.

   Priest River, Idaho 

City information and Gallery of Priest River

   Newport, Washington 

The town on the border of Idaho and Washington.

   Fort Steele, Canada 

Historic and Scenic town in British Columbia

   Bonners Ferry, Idaho 

A small, scenic and historic town in Northern Idaho

The State of Idaho Map and Information of the "Gem State", Idaho
   The Data of Idaho 

Data and State information of Idaho

   The Icons of Idaho 

The symbolic icons of the state of Idaho

   Idaho State County Map 

Detail Map of County in Idaho State

   Idaho State Link Collection 

The Links of Idaho State, Counties and Cities

Travelogue etc. Travelogue, Homestay and Contributed Gallery
   The Travelogue, 2002 

Introduction of the trip to Sandpoint in 2002 Oct.

   The Travelogue, 2006 

Introduction of the trip to Sandpoint in 2006 Sep.

   The Homestay in 1977 

Memories of the home staying at Sandpoint in 1977.

   Sandpoint Links 

Sandpoint and Idaho related sites.

   Karen's Photo Gallery 

Photos contributed by another Sandpoint lover.

   Kaji-san's Photo Gallery 

Photos contributed by another Sandpoint lover.

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Beautiful Gallery of Punta Cana, Hawaii and Cebu Island

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