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The Greater Los Angeles, California expands from San Gabriel Valley toward the northern Orange County, consists of several attractive areas. Beach Cities, is represented by Santamonica, Hollywood, the center of LA culture and entertainment, West Side, represented by Beverly Hills, Psadena, famous for Roseball at northern eastern downtown, Downtown, the central Los Angeles City, Long Beach & South Bay Area, along Palos Verdes to Long Beach, and Orange County, including Aneheim and Beach Paradise. Each of the area has its own characteristics which are all base of the 'attractive greater Los Angeles'. In this site, although it covers only a portion of such a nice area but will try to introduce with some pictures taken through my great experience there.
Greater Los Angeles Photo Gallery
 Hollywood Gallery  
 Hollywood, the 'icon' of LA and the entertainment of the United States
 Universal Studio Gallery  
 The gallery of Universak City Walk, the town neighbor to the theme park
 Huntington Beach Gallery  
 Gallery of the icon of 'surfin', with famous Pacific Coast Highway
 Laguna Beach Gallery  
 The most southern beach along PCH, the community of the artists
 Lake Forest & Irvine City  
 The photo gallery of typical sourthern Californian suburban shopping mall
 New Port, Fashion Island  
 The photo gallery of the big shopping mall in New Port Beach City
 Carlsbad Plemium Outlet Gallery  
 The one of the biggest Plemium Outlet mall, close to San Diego
 Miscellaneous Gallery  
 The miscellaneous pics, including long distant view of LA
 Pasadena, California  
 Photo Gallery of the city of Pasadena, suburban of Los Angeles
 Disney Land Park, California  
 Photo Gallery of Magic Kingdom and Disney Downtown in Anaheim, CA
Other Scenic Region

  Sandpoint, Idaho 

Photo Gallery, City Information and map of Sandpoint

  New York City 

Photo Gallery, Information, Map of New York City

  Washington, D.C. 

Photo Gallery of the beautiful capital of America

  Braintree, Masachusetts 

Photo Gallery of small town near Boston

  Spokane, Washington 

Photo Gallery and City Information of Spokane, WA

  Coeur d' Alene, Idaho 

Gallery and Information of Coeur d' Alene, Idaho

  Columbus, Georgia 

Photo Gallery and the travelogue to Columbus, Georgia

  St. George Island, Florida 

Photo Gallery and the travelogue to St. George Island

  San Francisco, California 

Photo Gallery of the city of San Francisco, California

  Charleston, South Carolina 

Photo Gallery and City information of Charleston, SC

  Punta Cana, Dominica 

Photo Gallery of Caribian Resort, Punta Cana

  Cebu, Mactan Island 

Photo Gallery of Cebu, Mactan Island, Philippines

  Munich, Germany 

Photo Gallery of Historic Bayern Capital, Munich Germany

  Dubai, United Arab Emirates 

Photo Gallery of the World most developed City, Dubai

  The Great Asian Cities 

Galleries of Beijing, Shanghai, Nanjing and Taipei in Asia

  Manila, Philippines 

Photo Gallery and City Map of Metro Manila, Philippines

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