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Sandpoint Memories
The first time I visited Sandpoint was about 25 years ago, I got a great impression from the lake Pend Oreille. What a big and beautiful lake I have ever have ! I had a strong feeling to come here again. 25-years-long time past and eventually I got a chance to trip to Spokane WA just the end of October. I finally decided to visit lake Pren Oreille again. These are snap shot while I was been in the city beach where I and my host family, Maria, Kelly, Max and Todd Williams enjoyed swimming during my first trip to Sand Point. I parked my rental car at the parking on the city beach, walking across the bridge street, I stepped on the 1st Ave of the town where I had bought a lot of souveniors 25 years ago. Unfortunately, the stores named Rexall at which I bought the memorial goods a lot was already not there, but it was the really 1st Ave of Sandpoint, atmosphere was just the same as long ago. I took a lunch at the restaurant which was standing just the edge of water, took some pictures inside and everything really made me happy.

Sandpoint, where we can easily guess its name's origin, only the place that sand shore is located around Lake Pend Oreille. I failed in taking photographs unfortunately, the Amtrak station is located on the sand shore 10 minutes walk from the City Beach. The sand is really fine and beautiful in compalison to anywhere I visited before. The Amtrak station is the satation where the Empire Builder (Chicago - Seattle) is stopping in the mid-night. I would like to travel getting on this intercontinental train in the future.

One of the characteristics of this town would be the railroad. Burlington Northern Railroad and Spokane International railroad (belonging to Union Pacific) are both having its junction here and it means Sandpoint is the important place for the railroad. The other icon of the town is say, "Long Bridge" which was famous as a kind of longest woody bridge in the U.S. for a long while. Third one would be the Coldwater Creek, the shopping mall built on the bridge on the Sand Creek, Cedar street. Unfortunately, I missed to visit here but I will introduce this unique place next time.

In 2006 late Summer, I could visit Sandpoint again and could be there with my wife. Sandpoint was still remaining old-good American flavour but I actually felt that the change to lead this city as a more than 30 thousands' populated resort city. The change from 2002 was not a small than I felt at the second visit. Here, I will start updating my contents accordingly with my records of 3rd visit to Sandpoint.

Sandpoint City Data 

Detail City Data, History and Informations of Sandpoint, Idaho

Sandpoint City Map 

City and Downtown Map of Sandpoint, Idaho

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;Visitors' Information of Sandpoint Attractions

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Visitor's Information of Sandpoint Art and Culture, events

Sandpoint Accommodation 

Accomodation in Sandpoint - Hotel, Guest Ranch, B&B

Sandpoint Transportation 

Transportation information of Sandpoint and Spokane

Old Sandpoint Brochure 

Sandpoint Sightseeing brochure issued in around 1977

Sandpoint Overview 

Quick review of Sandpoint, 3 minutes to understand the city

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