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The City Overview of Sandpoint, Idaho

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Sandpoint is located on the mouth of Pend Oreille River. This town is the most populated town around Pend Oreille Lake and almost over 95% of white people. The town had been developed as the lumbering and mining town for a long time and its developing history had been always with its close relationship with the transcontinental railroad in this country. The name Sandpoint is from its beautiful sand on the lake shore. The Empire Builder, Amtrak express has been stopping at this town every mid night though the town has only 6,000 population. It means this town has been a key place of the big American crosscontinental railroad company.

The one of the "icon" of this city might be the "Long Bridge", which was built as a longest woody bridge in the United States. Other than that, you have to go over bridges from everywhere. From the east and the north, pass the Sand Creek. And from the west, Chuck slough you have to go over.

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Though the town is small, Sandpoint has an airport located on the north side of the town. Through the North Boyer Avenue from the central town you can reach the airport. Boyer is the place where Burlington Northern railroad exchange the freigt or locomotive. Also UP, Spokane International Railroad will meet BNSF here.

The City Beach, located close to "Long Bridge" is an another icon of this city. Especially in the mid summer a numbers of young people will get together at the park in the middle of City Beach area. The lake water is cold and clear, the sand is fine and beautiful, everyone can really enjoy the lake here.

The highlight of the mid town shopping area is Coldwater Creek, where the only the place that the shopping mall is wholey on the bridge on the Cedar street and Sand Creek. Restaurant, Cafe, grocery store and craft shops are all on this bridge. Of course there is no other place as Coldwater Creek in the United States, it might be only one place in the world. The market will be rennovated into "Cedar Street Bridge Public Market" from 2006 Fall, Coldwater Creek store had moved to N 1st Avenue.

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The Main street is the only one road which is slanting to all other avenues and streets. The corner of 4th Avenue and the Main, you can find some stands along the pavements, which provides delicious foods. If you're lucky to visit here around noon time, maybe it's the best time to enjoy them.

On the south of the Bridge Street, you can see the yacht harbor. A lot of colorful yachts and motor boats are stopping on the shore. You know, the high summer season is the best season to enjoy fishing, especially boat fishing.
Public church, Hospital, Library and post office, all important bureaus are all this small central area.

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