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St. George Island, North West Florida is a one of the water paradise, located on the mouth of Apalachicola River that is originally called Chatterhoochee River, just a few miles east from San. Blas Cape. About an hour driving from Panama City on the 98 U.S. Highway, we can reach to Apalachicola city and 98 Highway will go over the Apalachicola river and reach the opposite side of the river, Eastport, and if you turn right, the State Road 300 bridge, longer than 4 miles, is only the gateway to the island. In the central island, there built some vilas and motels for the recreations throughout the year but not so crowdy. It seems to me this district is quite limited and controled to keep its beautiful nature. On the eastern edge, the State Park offers a beautiful view toward the Mexico Bay. Nine miles of undeveloped beaches and dunes, surrounded by the Gulf of Mexico and Apalachicola Bay, provide the perfect setting for St. George Island State Park.

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St. George Island Gallery
St. George Island Gallery 

Photo Gallery of beautifl St. George Island

Buccaneer Inn Gallery 

The convenient motel where we stayed overnight.

Beach View Gallery 

The Gallery of beautiful private beach of Buccaneer Inn

Seagull Gallery 

Seagulls flying around the island beach

Sunset View Gallery 

The Photo Gallery of Sunset View on the Buccaneer beach

Sunrise View Gallery 

The Photo Gallery of Sunrise on the Buccaneer beach

The State Park Gallery 

The Photo Galley of the State Park of Florida

Panama City Gallery 

The city and beach view in the Panama City

Apalachicola City Gallery 

The downtown area of Apalachicola City

Direction from Columbus, GA 

Driving direction from Columbus, GA to St. George Island, FL

National Highway #98 

Photo Gallery along the US national highway #98

National Highway #231 

Photo Gallery along the US national highway #231

North Florida Map 

Map of North-West Florida and St. George Island

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