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Punta Cana, Dominica  | Oahu Island, Hawaii  | Cebu, Mactan Island, Philippines  

Punta Cana, Dominica  | Oahu Island, Hawaii  | Cebu, Mactan Island, Philippines  

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Punta Cana, Dominican Republic is a famous resort in this country located facing Atlantic and Caribbean Ocean. I had never imagined to have a chance to visit this country, discovered in 1492 by Columbus, until I got a chance to come here as my company's award trip. The island is divided by Dominican Republic and Republic of Haiti. Dominican Republic has about 8,000,000 population and its main industry is "sight seeing business". The capital is Santo Domingo located southern of the island. Punta Cana is resort town on the eastern side of the island where a lot of resort hotels are standing. Its climate is a kind of typical tropican one and it will offer beatiful and exciting oceal paradise.
Oahu Island, Hawaii is the most famous island among Hawaii Islands where has Honolulu city, the capital of the state. Hawaii was the location I and my wife visited as honey moon trip. It was more than 10 years ago but still I remember its beautiful scenery of the beach, lagoon and city. I will introduce both of Tropical Paradise with several photographs.
Mactan Island, Cebu state, Philippines is a famous resort in this country located on the central among more than 7,000 island in Republic of The Philippines. The name of "Cebu" is one of the famous resort island but actually "Cebu" has 3 different meanings, Cebu State, Cebu City and Cebu Island. The "Cebu Resort" are actually stand for the area in Mactan Island which is small island just next to Cebu Island. There are many resort hotels standing on the north east shore of the island. I chose "Shangri-La's Mactan Islans Resort & Spa" among them for my 3-day summer vacation and flight from Manila on May 26th, 2006. Shangri-La is the one of the representative resort hotel in Cebu which has more than 500 rooms, 2 swimming pools, golf course and 350m-long private beach. Fortunately, all three days were fine and we could enjoy some ocean activities. Here I will introduce this beatiful resort and ocean view with categorized photo galleries.
Punta Cana, Dominica Republic
Paradisus Hotel Gallery 
      Luxurious resort Hotel at Punta Cana, Dominica
Beach View Gallery 
      Beautiful beach gallery at Paradisus Hotel
Manati Park, Punta Cana 
      The amusement park featuring the great nature
Swimming with Dolphin 
      Attraction offering the chance to swim with dolphin
Punta Cana Downtown 
      The view around the downtown Punta Cana
Miscellaneous Gallery  
      Miscellaneous photographs at Punta Cana
Dominica and Punta Cana Map 
      Dominican Republic and Punta Cana Map
Oahu Island, Hawaii, USA
Hilton Hawaian Village 
      Photo Gallery of Hilton Hawaian Village, Oahu
Beautiful Hilton Lagoon 
      Beautiful Lagoon in front of Hilton Hawaian Village
Miscellaneous Gallery 
      Miscellaneous photographs of Oahu Island, Hawaii
Oahu & Waikiki Beach Map 
      Map of eastern Oahu island and Waikiki beach
Mactan Island, Cebu Philippines
Shangri-La Hotel Gallery 
      Hotel View of Shangri-la's Mactan Island Resort and Spa
Shangri-La Pool Gallery 
      Scenary around the 2 beautiful swimming pool
Beautiful Beach Gallery 
      The beautiful view of Shangri-la's private beach
Ocean View Gallery 
      Photo Gallery of beautiful Camotes Sea and Cebu Strait
Ocean Fish Gallery 
      Fishes near the beach and the rocks on the ocean
Sunrise View Gallery 
      The beautiful morning view of the private beach
Tropical Flower Gallery 
      The beautiful flowers blooming in the garden of Shangri-la
The Sunset Cruise 
      The luxurious sunset cruise with Cebu's fine Outrigger Boath
Aerial View Gallery 
      The aerial view over Cebu, Mactan Islands
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