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San Francisco, where I visited for the business purpose in 1996, connecting travel after visiting New York City. This was the second time to visit the city but 1st time was just a brief stay at Stanford University. We visited some IT companies in Silicon Valley to recognize how they had been running in the top of the global IT technology, you know that San Francisco is the gateway city for the Silicon Valley. During this stay, besides the business visit to those companies, we could enjoy "typical sight seeing" in San Francisco. One of the most impressive one was its city view because of its slope, color and shpape of the buildings and so on.

San Francisco is surrounded by sea in the west, north and the east. The Golden Gate Bridge is the northern gate and the Bay Bridge from the east, Oakland. The reason why I was interested in the city is because the city is one of the water paradise. The view from the Bay Bridge was so nice and from this long long bridge across the San Francisco Bay we fully enjoy driving on the sea.

The stay was only for a week and the purpose was not for sight seeing so it was difficult to see everywhere but enjoyable. My hotel was located near the Powell and Market where is a terminal of the famous Cable Car toward the Fisherman's Wharf that is to say, so confortable to look around here and there. Of course, the riding on the cable car was fun itself and you can enjoy the interesting and exciting town view with up and down from this old fashioned cable car. Fisherman's Wharf is so famous that nothing I can explain additionally. I will introduce some photographs taken there to share this attractive city.
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San Francisco City Photo Gallery

 San Francisco City View Gallery
The beautiful and scenic photo gallery of famous sightseeing area in San Francisco. If you want to see the picture by streets, hills, districts, all your interested area will be in this corner.
  What's New ? :  Chinatown Gallery   30/10/2010
 San Francisco Landmark Gallery
As well as the attractive areas, there are a lot of unique landmarks in San Francisco. The world famous landmarks of San Francisco are included. Two beautiful bridges, classic styled houses and more....
  What's New ? :  Bay Bridge Gallery   16/10/2010
 Transportation Gallery
San Francisco has a well designed and convenient transportation system. MUNI offers not only "world-famous" cable car but also MUNI Bus and MUNI Metro, connecting all the important places for transit.
  What's New ? :  Muni Cablecar Gallery   25/09/2010
 Silicon Valley Gallery
San Francisco is know as a gateway city of Silicon Valley where the major IT companies have their head quarters. Also those locations have good places to visit and see. Here are some of the gallery of those beautiful area.
  What's New ? :  San Jose Gallery   28/11/2009
San Francisco City Information

  San Francisco City Map 

San Francisco City Map & Transportation Map

  San Francisco City Data 

City Information and City Data of San Francisco

  San Francisco Transportation 

Transportation Information of San Francisco

  Travelogue, 1996 

A brief travelogue visited there in 1996.

  Victorian House 

The famous "Victorian Houses" information

  The Cable Car Information 

The information of the "famous" Cable Car system

  Golden Gate Bridge History 

The history of Golden Gate Bridge

  San Francisco Sightseeing 

San Francisco Sightseeing Information

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