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Pasadena California, located northern Los Angels, is famous for the Rose Bowl and Roses Parade. Only less than 1 hour drive from LAX, it provides quiet and luxrious residential area. The center of Pasadena should be Colorado Blvd. which was used to be a "Route 66, the inter continental road", bordered by Marengo Ave. on the East and Pasadena Ave. on the west. Old Pasadena looks very much as it did seventy years ago. Many of the historic buildings have been restored and the street-front shops maintain their appeal to the hundreds who stroll the sidewalks each day. Old Pasadena abounds with night clubs, bars, over 50 restaurants serving all types of cuisine and countless specialty shops offering such items as clothing, antiques, furniture and exotic items from around the world.
Pasadena Photo Gallery

 Old Pasadena Gallery  
 The Photo Gallery of the central area of Pasadena
 Playhouse District Gallery  
 The Photo Gallery of the central business and outstanding theater area
 Colorado Blvd. Gallery, 2005  
 The Gallery of main street of cross town Pasadena, 2005
 Green Street Gallery  
 The Photo Gallery of the Green Street, one block below Colorado Blvd.
 Memorial Park Gallery  
 The Photo Gallery from the view of the Memorial Park and Restaurant Row
 Night View Gallery  
 The Night View Photo Gallery of Old Pasadena area
 Oak Knoll Avenue Gallery  
 The Gallery for the scenery along Oak Knoll Avenue
 Ritz-Carlton Hotel Gallery  
 The Photo Gallery of the former Ritz-Carlton Hotel, Pasadena
 Transportation Gallery  
 The Transportation Gallery of Pasadena and LA area
Pasadena Information

 Pasadena City Data  
 The City Data and Information of Pasadena, California
 Pasadena City Map  
 The City and Downtown Map of Pasadena, California
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