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Charleston, South Carolina is a famous historic town where the Civil War started. In the city, still a lot of historical buildings are remaining and well maintained. It is located on the South-East edge of South Carolina and has about 100,000 population. The downtown is inbetween Ashley River and Cooper River, just like Manhattan Island, New York. The most scenic area is located on this peninsula area. At this time, I took a flight from Atlanta, Georgia and it was about one hour flight, that is to say, so easy to access from Atlanta. I could enjoy those historic, british cultural town view and river view, where is the best place to spend a time with family and it seems to me best for the retired couple to take a long vacation to enjoy the beautiful city.
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Charleston Town View 

Photo Gallery of beautiful town scenary

Park View Gallery 

Photo Gallery of Parks in Charleston

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The view of the river, Ashley and Cooper

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Other attractive photos in and around Charleston

Charleston Information
City Map of Charleston 

The City Map of Charleston, South Carolina

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The City Data of Charleston, South Carolina

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The Sightseeing information of Charleston, SC

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The Transportation information of Charleston

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