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New York City, where I visited for the business purpose in 1996, was really exciting city. The city covers an area of over 300 Square miles and has a population of over 8 million people in the city and 21 million in the metropolitan area. New York "the city that never sleeps" is an exciting vibrant city that has many Attractive places, activities and spot such as famous museums, arts, festivals, musical theaters, a lot of parks, historical landmarks and great sports and entertainment venues. This makes it "the" place to visit and tour all year long. New York City consists of Manhattan, the Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens and Staten Island. Manhattan is an island that is connected by a series of Bridges and Tunnels. Manahattan is divided into some parts, uptown, midtown and downtown. You can see the map of those area and easily find a wonderful spots.

I stayed at "Sheraton New York" located on the 52nd Street and 7th Avenue where was a very convenient location to walk around the Midtown. The facilities of the hotel were so nice and it offered me a wonderful stay in New York City. The tour was purposed for visiting IT companies in New York City to recognize how the companies who had digital contents took advantage to use internet at that time. So, I could visit Time Warnar, New York Times, and some other contents providors and I felt the city really had a power to create "contents". Some of the presenter told us about "Silicon Alley", not "Silicon Valley", that is to say the "Contents is here, though the infrastructure is from Silicon Valley". According to the full filled schedule, I have less chances to enjoy or play around Manhattan but I was really satisfied with staying there for a week and exciting city view was really enjoyable and that made me to decide back here.

After a few years, I had two chances to visit New York again and could learn a lot about the city. My second visit was in 2004 and the third 2005 and both brought me a lot of amazing and new things to me. Unfortunately, I lost my video cam in the cab at the second visit and I can share with you a few photos but the recent visit gave me a lot of chance to enjoy almost all over Manhattan Island. And also the hotel I found via internet for the saving cost purpose was really interesting to me because of its very classic styled facilities and also the fact I could stay at Chelsea Hotel where is so famous as a sightseeing spot was so interesting and exciting. I will try to introduce my photo gallery of New York City one by one.

 What's New ? :   Downtown Gallery >  East & Greenwich Village

 Photo Gallery of 5th Ave, Empire State Bldg and more...
Midtown Photo Gallery
 Photo Gallery of Chelsea, SOHO, Village and more....
Downtown Photo Gallery
 Photo Gallery of Times Square and Theater District
Uptown Photo Gallery
 Beautiful and fascinated colorful night view in Midtown
Night View Gallery
 Photo Gallery of New York Hotels where I stayed
New York Hotel Gallery
 NYC Transportation : JFK, MTA Subway, Bus and Taxies...
Transportation Photo Gallery
 Photo Gallery of Suburban Area of New York City
Suburban Gallery
 Miscellaneous photographs related to New York City
Miscellaneous Gallery

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