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Spokane is the central city of the east Washington state and 338 miles from Seattle where over 90% of non Spanish white people are living with 200 thousand of population. The city is the portal town toward mid east Canad and Idaho, Montana and therefore the international aiport was built. Sokane will be divided into two districts by Spokane River which flows from the east to the west. The one is upper Spokane, suburban side of the city where you can see a lot of newly built houses. The other is sourher Spokane and central Spokane is also included. Authentic old buildings are the one of the icon of the area. Interstate freeway #90 and Burlington Northern Railroad go east and west and they have been making Spokane as a base of the transportation.

The City of Spokane is home to some 195,500 residents; there are around 418,000 residents in the metropolitan area. Spokane is located in the heart of the Inland Northwest, and it serves as a shopping, entertainment, and medical hub for an area that includes Eastern Washington, Eastern Oregon, North Idaho, Western Montana, and southern portions of Alberta and British Columbia. The Spokane River runs through our downtown with spectacular falls on the western end of our city core. Beautiful Riverfront Park also is in the heart of our city.

River Front Park is located on the very central Spokane where the valley is quite deep. The bridge over this valley is Monroe Bridge, old stone bridge and the view from the bridge is quite beatiful. You can enjoy the falls, gondra riding and also amusements in the park. Clock Tower, the famous icon of Spokane is also in the park.

I stayed at Rodeway inn, located on the 1st avenue and Lincoln street. The hotel is a kind of economy ranked as double stars hotel. It's very helpful for the traveller to stay with $50 per night. The morning meal is served in the continental style, breads, milk, orange juice, and coffee, waffles.

What's New ? : Spokane Gallery > Downtown Gallery [121-126] 02/10/2010
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What's New ?
Spokane Photo Gallery
 River Front Park    
 Photo Gallery of the Spokane's symbolic park, River Front Park
Spokane Photo Gallery : River Front Park
 Spokane Fall & Sky Ride Gondola   
 Photo Gallery of Spokane Fall and Sky Ride Gondola
Spokane Photo Gallery : Spokane Fall
 Clock Tower Gallery   
 Photo Gallery of Spokane's icon, the Clock Tower in River Front Park
Spokane Photo Gallery : Clock Tower
 River Front Square Gallery   
 Photo Gallery of Rever Front Square, the center of Spokane Shopping
Spokane Photo Gallery : Clock Tower
 Spokane Arena Gallery   
 Photo Gallery of Spokane's main entertainment facility
Spokane Photo Gallery : Spokane Arena
 Spokane Downtown Gallery   
 Photo Gallery of Spokane's Historic Downtwon Area
Spokane Photo Gallery : Downtown
 Spokane Transportation Gallery   
 Photo Gallery of Transportation in Spokane
Spokane Photo Gallery : Transportation
 Rodeway Inn Gallery   
 Photo Gallery of the hotel I stayed as a base of my travel
Spokane Photo Gallery : Rodeway Inn
 Davenport Hotel Gallery   
 Photo Gallery of the hotel, most luxurious hotel in the city
Spokane Photo Gallery : Davenport Hotel
 Spokane Gallery, 2002   
 Spokane Photo Gallery, 2002
Spokane Photo Gallery : Davenport Hotel
Spokane Information
 Spokane City Map   
 City Map of Spokane, Washington and surrounding area
 Spokane City Data   
 Basic City Data, History and Information of Spokane, Washington
 Spokane Information   
 Sightseeing Information of Spokane, Washington
 Spokane Link   
 Web Links related to Spokane, Washington
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