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Old Pasadena
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Sandpoint, ID
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Disneyland, Anaheim, California is the original theme park developed by Walt Disney where people forget their everday cares and immerse themselves in lands of fantasy and adventure, yesterday and tomorrow. Everyone finds the magic of Disneyland in the soft pastel lighting on "Sleeping Beauty Castle" as evening approaches, in the dancing eyes of a grandfather wearing an orange-billed Donald Duck hat, and in a child kissing Mickey Mouse while Dad fumbles with his camera.
Disneyland Park Photo Gallery
 Downtown Disney Gallery  
 Small 'downtown' inbetween two theme parks, with more than 50 stores
 Main Street USA Gallery  
 Old American towns with 20 or more stores and 6 restaurants
 Adventure Land Gallery  
 Area featuring tropical jungle and paradise includes Indiana Jones
 New Orleans Square Gallery  
 A small square featuring New Orleans with the sounds of Jazz
 Critter Country Gallery  
 With Splash Mountain, land to meet with small animals and green
 Frontier Land Gallery  
 The area with western frontier era in 18 to 19th century of old America
 Fantasy Land Gallery  
 Area for the fantasic, experience with the story books in your childhood
 Toontown Gallery  
 The home town of Mickey with a lot of unique Disney characters
 Tomorrow Land Gallery  
 Tomorrowland, where the experience of the future and adventure
 Disneyland Railroad Gallery  
 Twenty minutes railroad trip and a lot of other trains in Disneyland
 Disneyland Miscellaneous  
 The miscellaneous photo gallery of Disneyland and Disneyland resort
 Disneyland 1992-1993 Gallery  
 Photo Gallery of Magic Kingdom, back to the year 1992 and 1993
Other Scenic Region

  Sandpoint, Idaho 

Photo Gallery, City Information and map of Sandpoint

  New York City 

Photo Gallery, Information, Map of New York City

  Washington, D.C. 

Photo Gallery of the beautiful capital of America

  Braintree, Masachusetts 

Photo Gallery of small town near Boston

  Spokane, Washington 

Photo Gallery and City Information of Spokane, WA

  Coeur d' Alene, Idaho 

Gallery and Information of Coeur d' Alene, Idaho

  Columbus, Georgia 

Photo Gallery and the travelogue to Columbus, Georgia

  St. George Island, Florida 

Photo Gallery and the travelogue to St. George Island

  San Francisco, California 

Photo Gallery of the city of San Francisco, California

  Charleston, South Carolina 

Photo Gallery and City information of Charleston, SC

  The Tropical Islands 

Photo Gallery of Punta Cana, Cebu and Hawaii

  Manila, Philippines 

Photo Gallery and City Map of Metro Manila, Philippines

  Munich, Germany 

Photo Gallery of Historic Bayern Capital, Munich Germany

  Dubai, United Arab Emirates 

Photo Gallery of the World most developed City, Dubai

  The Great Chinese Cities 

Photo Galleries of Beijing, Shanghai and Nanjing in China

  Teipei, Taiwan 

Photo Gallery and City Map of Taiwan capital, Taipei

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