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Washington, District of Columbia, the capital of the United States of America, was designed as the "park city" by the French engineer. Therefore, the highlights of the city were centralized around "The National Mall" where a tons of well designed and beautiful buldings, monuments and museums are standing. The name of the city was of course originated from two famous person who are honored as the father of America. The one is George Washington, the first U.S. president and the other is Christopher Columbus who discovered America. DC is located at Potomac river, 140 km from the Atrantic Ocean and is about 1 hour flight from New York and 5 hours from Los Angels. I could have a chance to visit for the business purpose and had only half a day for the walking around but could capture a lot of beatiful scene in the town. Let me introduce some of those photographs to share with you my experience.
Washington, DC Photo Gallery
 The National Mall
 The National Mall, the central area for the sightseeing in Washington, DC
Washington,DC Photo Gallery : The National Mall
 Federal Triangle   
 The next to the White House centered by Ronald Reagan Bldg.
Washington,DC Photo Gallery : Federal Triangle
 Washington Monument
 The tallest building in the city, consists of the stones from world wide
Washington,DC Photo Gallery : Washington Monument
 Roosevelt Memorial Park
 The beutiful park at Tidal Basin for the memorial of F. D. Roosevelt
Washington,DC Photo Gallery : F. D. Roosevelt Memorial
 White House Area
 The area with the President's Palace famous with the name, "White House"
Washington,DC Photo Gallery : White House Area
 Tidal Basin
 The pond at Potomac River famous with cherry trees given by Japan
Washington,DC Photo Gallery : Tidal Basin
 Potomac River
 Potomac River and the beautiful memorial bridges
Washington,DC Photo Gallery : Potomac River
 George Town
 The typical eastern styled area with a lot of café, restaurants and boutiques
Washington,DC Photo Gallery : George Town
 The center of the business, northern neigbor to the White House Area
Washington,DC Photo Gallery : Down Town
 Transportation in Washington
 The photo gallery of the transportation in Washington, DC
Washington,DC Photo Gallery : Transportation
Washington, DC Information
 The City Data of Washington, DC
 The general information and data of the capital of the United States of America
 The City Map of Washington, DC
 The City Map of Washington, District of Columbia and the surrounding area
 Washington, DC Transportation Info.
 Transportation information of Washington, District of Columbia
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