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Rockfeller Center Map

Rockefeller Center
The 88,000 squar meters wide with 19 buildings offers world biggest business and entertainment complex called "the city in the city". More than 65,00 people are working in this area. The visitors, on the other hand, can enjoy "Radio City Music Hall", "NBC Studios", "GE Building" and "Lower Plaza" in front of "Prometheus".

Today, Rockefeller Center is a fascinating combination of contradictions: at once futuristic and classical, with soaring buildings and underground tunnels, inspired by both hard-headed commercialism and philanthropic idealism. Below street level, the Center's buildings are linked by a pedestrian shopping concourse. This is an oasis of order in the heart of the busiest city in the world, a city within a city, functionally efficient and aesthetically elegant. In 1988, Rockefeller Center was declared a national historic landmark.

Rockefeller Center includes GE (General Electric) Building, Time & Life Building, Exxon Building, McGraw Hill Building, Avenue of the Americas, Radio City Music Hall, Rockefeller Plaza, International Building, Smon & Schuster Building, Manufacturers Hanover Trust Building, Ice Rink, Promenade, Bridish Empire Building, La Maison Francaise.

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