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City of New York
New York Sightseeing Information

New York City has everything, art, entertainment, shopping, business and historical buildings, in the small area which includes five boroughs, Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn, Staten Island and The Bronx. This corner is to introduce nice place to visit by categories to make it easier for searching your destination. The category is divided into "Museums", "Landmarks", "Universities and Churchs", "Parks", "Shopping" and the "Entertainment Spots".                                                                                             INDEX    AREA INDEX

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There are a lot of Museums in New York City, which provide a lot of experience for the art freeks. Not only the "museum of art" typically such as "Metropolitan Museum of Art", but New york City has a various types of museums that is impossible to look around with a few days. If you have a chance stay rather longer, it would be recommended to have some days for visiting those museums.
Even Manhattan is a small island, it has a lot of well designed parks which provides not only for the citizens but for the visitors to be refleshed. The Central Park, 50-blocks-long, is the world big and famous park which located on the central Manhattan with 800 meters width and 4 kiro meters length. Other 4 broughs also have a big parks with great nature which are also enjoyable when visited.
Some of the famous landmarks in New York City are the historical Churches. Most of those beautiful and graceful building had been built in 19th century with the traditional building style, e.g. Neo Gothic style. Among those churches, I will introduce some famous churches. Other than those beutiful churches, also in the corner, Universities, Libraries and the educational communities are introduced.
Actually, everybody will agree that "Empire State Building" and "The Statue of the Liberty" are the most famous landmark in New York City. But there are a lot of landmarks and sightseeing spot to be visited in this city. Because of its solid rock under the island which can let the island safe from the earth quake, most of the historical old buildings survived and so that it made the city as the center of the business and the exciting sightseeing.
The name of "Broadway" means of course just a name of the road across Manhattan Island from north to the south. But the word, "Broadway" also stands for the Musical Theaters and all the entertainment especially near Times Square. New York City is often called as "Never Sleeping City". Actually it is because those entertainment spots, bars, clubs, theaters never let you feel boring.
What area do you imagine from "Shopping in New York City" ? New York has various types of shopping area, for example, luxurious brand boutique in 5th Avenue, sea foods in Fulton Fish Market, original New York brand boutique in NoLita and so on. If you are fond of shopping, it will be recommended to take at least three days for shopping because New York's shopping area is so many and so wide.
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