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City of New York

New York Downtown Photo Gallery

East Village Photo Gallery  (p1)

East Village has mixed culture of different originated immigrant. Little India, Little Ukraine, even Japanes restaurants are there. The highlight would be Astor Place, "Alamo", the black cubic objet is the icon of the place and St. Marks Place.   What's New ?  New Pics [133-138]
You can enlarge each photo by clicking on the photo, new window will open.

001 Alamo(Astor Pl.)

002 Alamo(Astor Pl.)

003 View toward Union Square

004 Barnes & Noble (Astor Pl.)

005 Barnes & Noble (Astor Pl.)

006 Public Theater (Astor Pl.)

007 Astor Place

008 Astor Place

009 Astor Place

010 Cooper Union Bldg

011 Cooper Union Bldg

012 The Carl Fischer

013 Cooper Sq / Astor Pl

014 Cooper Sq / Astor Pl

015 The Carl Fischer

016 Cooper Sq / Astor Pl

017 St. Marks Place

018 St. Marks Place

019 St. Marks Place

020 St. Marks Place

021 St. Marks Place

022 St. Marks Place

023 St. Marks Place

024 St. Marks Place

025 St. Marks Place

026 St. Marks Place

027 St. Marks Place

028 St. Marks Place

029 St. Marks Place

030 St. Marks Place
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