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New York Photo Gallery

New York Photo Gallery
New York City provides uncountable chance to take photographs. If you bring your camera and go out side on the certain street in the city, I am sure that you can't help pusshing the shutter of your camera. The historic buildings, skyscrapers, luxirious hotels, people coming and going, everything facinate visitors and photographers. Here, I will introduce my photos taken in 1996, 2004 and 2005 by the area and some other categories.

Midtown has everthing. Business, entertainment, historical landmarks and shopping area. We can say that Midtown is the icon of New York City with energy and the power. Even the area is smallest among the neighborhoods, it has the largest numbers of attractions.
Downtown has a quite different face in comparison to that of Midtown. Downtown more looks like cultural taste because of the mixture of immigrants. Also you can enjoy the nightlife at the authentic club or at the jazz club, bars and so on in this area, Downtown Manhattan.
Uptown covers the Central Park and the Museum Mile and it stands for its characteristics of this area. You can enjoy New York's academic and sophisticated atomosphere here, as well as the great relaxation at the great Central Park.
New York has one of the most beautiful night view among the world famous cities, such as Hongkong, Shanghai, Las Vegas or Shicago. The colorful neon is standing for New York's sub title, "Never Sleeping City". I will introduce those beatiful nightview especially around Times Square.
Even if you are not interested in the transportation, New York's transportation will let you feel something exciting, I believe. Unfortunately, the photographs are totally prohibited due to the security reason right now so that no more gallery can be avairable.
There are a number of attractive hotels. The most of hotels are in Midtown, including the luxurious hotels, designer's hotels, authentic styled hotels and more. This area is introducing only the part of those hotels with photographs and some additional information.
New York Suburban, it's difficult to determine the area but generally including Long Island, New Jersey and Connectucut area. Of course the atmosphere and scenery of those places are quite different from that of Manhattan but I think it's also attractive.
Miscellaneous gallery including various scenery taken at the street in Manhattan, from the window of the aircraft, at the table in the restaurants or in the park. Other than the buildings or the scenery of famous landmarks, you can find a good chance to release the shutter of your camera.
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