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City View  | Montemar  | Night View  | Trasnportation  | Manila Plants  | Aerial View | City Map
City View  | Montemar  | Night View  | Trasnportation  | Manila Plants  | Aerial View | City Map

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Philippines is consist of more than 7,000 of islands. Manila is on Luzon Island which is the largest island among those islands. Manila is the capital of the country and has more than 10 million population with 12 cities and 5 districts. The area is about 630 Km2. The name of "Metro Manila" is because the city is the group of those small cities. Actually, some people says it was so beautiful city until the WWII, but it has been changed after the war. But still you can see those piece of beautiful town view everywhere.

I had second and third chance to visit Manila. For those chances, I could visit central Manila, having quite different face from the new face, Mandaluyong or Pasig city. Manila's attractive places are almost in Manila, Pasay, Makati, Mandaluyong, Pasig and Quezon. I could visit almost those area and could much understand about this big city. I will revise the "City View" gallery into the several section to clarify the difference among those interesting places.
Manila, Gallery and Information
Manila City View Gallery 

City View Photo Gallery of the Metro Manila, Philippines

Manila Night View Gallery 

Night View around the hotel area in Mandalyong City

Hotel Gallery in Manila 

Hotel facilities and outlook gallery

Philippines Aerial View 

Aerial view of Manila and Philippines

Transportation in Manila 

Convenient Transportation System in Metro Manila

City Map of Manila 

Downtown map with sightseeing information

Montemar Beach Gallery 

Beautiful Beach Resort, locating western edge of Luzon

Flower & Plant in Philipines 

Photo Gallery of flowers and plants in Philippines

Manila, City View Gallery
American Cemetery 

American War Memorial Cemetery, Forbes Park Makati

Edsa Avenue, The Highway 

The view along Epifanio de los Santos Avenue

Bay Area - Roxas Blvd. 

View along Roxas Blvd, faced with Manila Bay

Fort Santiago Gallery 

The famous memorial fort in the Wall City, Intramuros

Manila Cathedral Gallery 

The biggest church in Intramuros

Intramuros, the Wall City 

So called "Wall City" built during Spanish Occupation

Lizal Park Gallery 

The memorial park of Dr. Jose P. Rizal

Manila Zoological Garden 

Most popular play for the local citizen

Makati - Ayara Center 

The recently developed financial and commercial district

Pasay City Gallery 

The southern area of Metro Manila

Quezon City - Eastwood 

Eastwood commercial area in east Quezon City

Pasig City - Ortigus Center 

The developping area along Edsa Ave.

Mandaluyong City Gallery 

The big shopping mall along Edsa Avenue

Cebu, Mactan Island 

The beautiful tropical photo gallery of Mactan Island, Cebu

Great Asian Cities
Nanjing, China 

Photo Gallery and City Map of Nanjing, China

Shanghai, China 

Photo Gallery and City Map of Shanghai, China

Beijing, China 

Photo Gallery and City Map of Beijing, the Capital of China

Taipei, Taiwan 

Photo Gallery and City Map of Taipei, the Capital of Taiwan

Other Scenic Region
Sandpoint, Idaho 

Photo Gallery and Information of Northern Idaho

Coeur d' Alane, Idaho 

Travel information and photo gallery of Coeur d' Alane

Spokane, Washington 

Travel information and photo gallery of Spokane

Columbus, Georgia 

Photo Gallery and travelogue of Columbus, Georgia

New York City 

Photo Gallery and Information of New York City

San Francisco, California 

Photo Gallery and Information of San Francisco

St. George Island, Florida 

Photo Gallery of St. George Island, Northern Florida

Los Angeles, California 

Photo Gallery of The Greater Los Angeles, California

Charleston, South Carolina 

Photo Gallery of Charleston, South Carolina

Tropical Islands 

Beautiful Gallery of Punta Cana, Dominica and Hawaii

Munich, Germany 

Photo Gallery of the capital of Bayern, Germany

Washington, D.C. 

Photo Gallery of the beautiful American Capital

Dubai, United Arab Emirates 

Photo Gallery of the World most developed City, Dubai

Great Asian Cities 

Gallery of Asian Cities, Beijing, Nanjing, Shanghai & Taipei

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