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Metro Manila City View Gallery
American Cemetery Gallery 

American War Memorial Cemetery, Forbes Park Makati

Edsa Avenue Gallery 

The view along Epifanio de los Santos Avenue, the Highway

Bay Area - Roxas Blvd 

View along Roxas Blvd, faced with Manila Bay

Fort Santiago Gallery 

The famous memorial fort in the Wall City, Intramuros

Manila Cathedral 

The biggest church in Intramuros, the Wall City

Intramuros - The Wall City 

So called "Wall City" built during Spanish Occupation

Lizal Park Gallery 

The big memorial park of Dr. Jose P. Rizal

Manila Zoological Garden 

Most popular play garden for the local citizen and visitors

Makati City - Ayara Center 

The recently developed financial and commercial district

Pasay City Gallery 

The southern area of Metro Manila, close to the Aireport

Quezon City - Eastwood City 

Eastwood commercial area in east Quezon City

Pasig City - Ortigus Center 

The developping area along Edsa Avenue, the Highway

Mandaluyong City Gallery 

The big shopping mall along Edsa Avenue, the Highway

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